Top Street Markets in London

February 11, 2017

A person gets lost in the middle of these beautiful markets in London. At least we lose whenever we go there. From graffiti on the walls, to houses painted with different colors, to a multitude of other charms that make you lose the way. All of them have street food, and each one has a more appetizing than the other. The product offerings in the stores are very varied. Undoubtedly it is the best place to look for some souvenirs to take on the back home trip. These are our favorite markets:

Camden Town

Undergorund: Camden Town

What we most like in this market is the diversity of things. Above the name of the stores you can see huge 3D drawings. We were able to find a Portuguese coffee seller and pasteis de nata. Anyone who misses the good custard cake can not lose in the middle of the market this walking TukTuk. There are street food and restaurants to suit all tastes. Endless shops and various street entertainments.

Portobello Market

Underground: Notting Hill Gate

Perhaps one of London’s best-known streets, for its variety of colors in the houses. The street is filled with shops and restaurants. If you go to this market you can go through the Gourmet Burger Kitchen restaurant, certainly one of the best burgers of our life. Fridays and Saturdays is the most popular days, so the market is expanded and the street is almost impassable.

Borough Market

Underground: London Bridge

Food market with large zone of street food and sweets. It has lots of restaurants too. It is one of the places in London where you can buy fresh fish. Even around the market there are numerous shops that give taste to visit. We found a few dairies and cheese shops and we had to buy. They are not as good as the Portuguese, but it was good to try other flavors.

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